Wabokieshiesh or White Cloud the Prophet
Wabokieshiesh or White Cloud the Prophet

POW WOW Etiquette

  • Listen to the MC. He will announce when you are not to Photograph or videotape the POW WOW. When hats are to be removed. (Only traditional Indian Headgear is allowed to be worn during these times). Also when to stand. Whether it is an Intertribal Dance (one that everyone can join in) or, whether it is a special dance.
  • Bales of straw are usually around the circle.These are for the dancers to sit down on and rest. They are usually marked with a blanket by the dancers. If there is no room and you see a dancer looking for a place to sit, offer him your spot. Do not sit on these bales and eat, drink, or smoke unless you face away from the circle.
  • If you would like to photograph a drum/singer, dancers, etc. please ask them first. Some do not appreciate their pictures taken but most will cooperate with you.
  • Do not touch the dancers regalia (outfit). We feel this is very offensive and rude. ask first, and then if the dancer offers you then it is permitted.
  • If you are asked by a dancer to come into the circle and you should comply since it is an honor to be asked to do so.
  • Please, do not allow your children to play, run through, or around the inside of the circle at any time unless the MC requests that the children come into the circle.

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